Sunday, September 25, 2016

the grand finish...

the brave riders are starting to come in to the finish line in Carlsbad, California. this is where we all aspired for. all Cannonballers rode everyday, wrenched all night for 16 days just to get here. wow.


 #18 1913 Thor DF


 Hedstrom mate, #43 1913 Indian DV

パワープラスになる前のヘドストロム・インディアン仲間、43番 1913年 インディアン DV

 #3 1916 BSA BC

#106 1915 Harley-Davidson PJ, #27 1916 Harley-Davidson ET, and #26 1914 Harley-Davidson TT, three trio from Germany.

ドイツ3人衆 106番 1915年ハーレー・デーヴィットソン、27番 1916年ハーレー・デーヴィットソン(息子19歳か20歳)、26番 1914年ハーレー・デーヴィットソン(お父さん)

 #25 1916 Harley-Davidson SB

 #78 1916 Indian CF

 #90 1904 Rex SN

#88 1916 Indian DW

 #52 1916 Harley-Davidson with wicker sidecar DH

 yeeha! #15 1914 British Warrick customized

 and finally shinya!! #80 1915 Indian


the most impressive picture of the team 80 of the day (as far as for me) was this one. right after the grand finish in a flurry of festivity, shinya and niimie are both quietly looking at their teammate in a same way... the Indian, you did a great job!


Go and Masumi of Brat Style, Long Beach rode down here to see us finish the Cannonball. we saw many friends welcomed us in Carlsbad. thank you, all!!


 with team Toyooka from Okazai, Japan. they made many parts just for our 1915 Indian. without their time and effort, we wouldn't make it to the finish. thank you, guys!


 Linda, the superwoman! 


 the bravest  and inspirational woman, Cris Sommer Simmons


KK of Wesco Japan and Rintaro Tanaka, "inspiration" organizer/publisher/photographer, were here to celebrate with us. for some reason, boots master KK is checking shinya's old engineer boots here :D


 Go of Brat Style is specialized in 30's Indian but he's interested in teens, too.


 so lucky to have great friends to share the joy with.


 Kiyo of Kiyo's Garage and Kat came to celebrate with us, too.


now heading to the farewell party...


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