Sunday, September 25, 2016

so, i think this is it...

at farewell dinner with our favorite couple, Susan and Paul, and fellow Cannonballer Buck Carson #3 :) 


 watching the photo slideshow taken by the one and only Michael Lichter.


 wake up, shinya! you are on the big screen!


 the one and only winner, #49 1912 Henderson, Frank Westfall!


Frank and we share all the memories both good and not so good from the very first Cannonball to this Race Of The Century. we are so happy that he won this one. well, everybody who participated in the race are winners and we were not competing with each other but because we were in the race we know how hard it was for older motorcycles with less transmission and older riders to accomplish this kind of endurance race. so we all respect each other enormously and we all glorify of Frank's effort. congrats, Frank! congrats to all fellow Cannonballers! 

also shinya and Niimie said that they were very lucky to be able to know that they still have more to learn by spending 16 days with those skilled/experienced antique motorcycle maniacs and gearheads. the great thing about the Motorcycle Cannonball for us is that it always teach us that how well you can ride and manage an antique motorcycle or how well you can fix an antique motorcycle has nothing to do with the person's rank, power, gender, nor nationality. your skill, experience, imagination, and never give up spirit, that's all about it. yes, we are very lucky to see that in person. and it sure adds depth to rest of our lives.




Mark W said...

This is so moving! I've very much enjoyed following along on the journey. Well done to all of Team 80 and thank you Ayu for the lovely pictures and words.

menacing ayu said...

Mark W: thank you!