Monday, September 26, 2016

back in Azusa...

our friend Wata, who was looking after our workshop while we were gone, said there was a major parking lot maintenance and he had to move all the parked cars and things that we left outside. so, as soon as we got back to our workshop, we had to take our huge spare welding machine, that we kept outside and Wata put it inside for resurfacing the parking lot, out again.


though we haven't even unloaded our stuff including the Indian from the van, since team Toyooka who came all the way from Japan to see the grand finish and will go back to Japan tomorrow is here, we decided to go for a canyon ride. it seemed like Niimie and shinya were doing the same thing here as they were in the Cannonball. just the bike they were working on changed from teens to early 80's.


 riding a modern motorbike is so easy and fun!




 and finally we took out the Indian from the van.


team 80 and team Toyooka. Toyooka boys brought all the equipment and basic ingredients from Japan and went to grocery shopping here for some fresh produce to host Tempura party for us. one of them is from Sushi bar family and he trained as a pro and another guy is used to be a chef when he was younger. first time in 23 days, we get to eat real Japanese cuisine with good friends. how lucky we are! not only the great taste but also their warm cordiality made us really happy. 


shinya and Niimie asked the young president of Toyooka to sit on the Indian that has some parts made by them inside and crossed country with them.


shinya and Niimie even asked him to ride around but he said it was a bit too old for him to manage ;P 


so, our long journey has ended.  team 80 and the 1915 Indian made it back to Azusa in one piece. thanks to everyone who followed, supported, and encouraged our race days from afar. it sounds wired but at this moment, for us, there is no sense of accomplishment nor sense of reality that we actually did it. going back to reality wasn't so difficult there in body, but not in spirit. our Indian must be very exhausted but we are not that tired. ah... it's very hard to put into words how we feel right now. one thing's for sure that i have wonderful, respectable and lovable teammates :)

ということで、皆さま我々の長い旅にお付き合いくださりありがとうございました。何とかチーム80番、インディアン、そしてチャボバン、無事にアズサに戻ることができました。一番疲れたのはインディアンだと思います。本当によく走ってくれました。我々はと言うと、それほど疲れているわけでもなく・・・ やったぜ!という達成感もなく・・・ あー終わったーという感じでもなく・・・ あれは本当にあったことなのか?と3人で話している次第です。あまりにも現実離れした日々だったので、実は何もなかったんじゃないか、というくらい、すっと現実の生活に戻れるには戻れるのですが、心ここにあらずと言いますか。これは毎回キャノンボールが終わるとそうなのですが、言葉には到底出来ない変な感じがしたまま時間が過ぎていきます。そしてキャノンボールボケのまま年が明ける・・・いやいや、そういうわけにもいきませんので、何とかしっかり地に足つけてフワフワを脱出せねばなりませんな。ま、がんばりまっす。ひとつ確かなことは、チーム80番は最高だということです。絶対諦めないカッコイイチームメイトと健気なインディアンを誇らしく思います。本当にありがとう。そして応援してくださったすべての皆さんにも、ありがとう!

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