Saturday, October 15, 2016

TROG West, down the sandy hill to the beach pit...

alright. all the racers up at at the parking lot are starting to move down to the beach pit area.


there was an announcement saying there is a big, deep, sandy downhill in order to get to the beach pit so if you or someone else got stuck, help each other. but i think shinya and many others weren't listening... and it started with a nice paved path so no one could even imagine how steep and deep the sandy down hill was.


so many motorcycles were entrapped in the sand, not excepting Sin Takizawa and his Koslow from Tokyo.


shinya and our 1915 Indian somehow made it though and overcame the sand trap. i didn't see how...


our fellow land speed racer F-bomb and his pea shooter. bumble bee bros. 


 rescuing another motorbike from the sand trap :D


 Go and shinya.


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