Saturday, October 15, 2016

TROG West, parking area...

the race of gentlemen west at Pismo Beach. despite the wet and cold weather, we just had such a great time with awesome friends who share the same passion (great "gearheadism"), old motorbikes and old automobiles on and in the sand. unfortunately the race on sunday was cancelled due to the crazy tidal surge but hey, we at least had a rad opportunity to ride on the beach today. fair enough. those photos below are taken at the parking area in the morning in the rain where most of us didn't know what was gonna happen (if the race is on or not) but were all ready and hoping hard to race. 


the 1915 Indian, shinya and i (minus Niimie:<) got here super early in the rain and didn't see anyone. is this the right place?

 here they are!


 the fellow land speed racer HM.


our fellow cannonballer PY is going to race his 1916 Excelsior.


 MD's Homer Knapp JDH

 Koslow from Tokyo

the fellow cannonballers are rolling in with their teens motorcycles. this is Alex's 1912 Indian single.


 1913 Thor "Thor Loosers"


Go of Brat Style Long Beach brought his '39 Indian and his backup Indian Chout :D

the beach is still at high tide. can we race or not?


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jam'zgarage said...

オー、オーー、オーーーッ? 何ですか、この楽しそうな集まりは^ ^!