Sunday, January 1, 2017

hello 2017...

the clock on the back says 12:00 AM. the new year has started!


shinya just wanted to make the front fairing stay for the Z1.


in the afternoon. to tell you the truth, we are not the float people. we rather appreciate flowers, trees and plants in a field. however, those floats for annual Pasadena Rose Parade are made and prepared in our hood and every year we encounter them when they slowly proceed in line and head to Pasadena a night before the parade. 


didn't know there was a float operator hiding in the float.


this year, we found the actual warehouse where those floats were made during our first ride of the year :)


when we were watching those floats coming out form the warehouse, a gentlemen came to us and said "nice Aermacchi!" turned out that he was a Italian motorbike enthusiasts and took us to his place and showed us his hundreds of collection later on. that was a wonderful encounter for us :D


had a great new year's day and a ride indeed.


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