Saturday, December 31, 2016

that's a wrap...

shinya saw some young guys threw this away from a car on the street in front of our workshop so he went out and pick it up. the end of a year surprise gift :D


very nice. we can use it as it is or shinya could take apart and use for something else.


 the Z1.


here, the last night of 2016, shinya just wants to keep working on it so i'm singing "let it be♪”.


thank you all for your support! please keep stopping by to take a peek at shinya's daily life whenever you get a chance next year!

we had to deal with too much pain and sorrow, lost too many beautiful people this year... but we also had a wonderful time with our friends. thank you all for being there. we wish everyone for a fabulous New Year! ride safe!





matthias said...

Hi Ayu, hi Shinya - happy new year, good luck for 2017... Greetings Matthias lara and max

nikolay salutski said...

Best wished to both of you for a new year with hope, optimism and more world spread sensitivity! many thanks for keeping us updated with your magical work/life throughout the the year and keep inspiring!

Kathy said...

Happy New Year. I always like coming here to watch your projects.

menacing ayu said...

matthias: Happy New Year to you and your family!

nikolay salutski: Thank you and Happy New Year!

Kathy: Happy New Year and thank you!