Friday, April 28, 2017

adventure day 1...

in the morning, we experienced the new Tacoma ride in the nature with a professional racing driver. a bit nervous shinya was behind the wheel and we went up the rough off road. look at his perfect 10-2 hand position on the steering wheel :D 


 looking down the sand dune.


 and then down to the sand dune.


the new Tacoma was amazing. it was a no-brainer for us to drive even on the rough off road. the truck does everything for you. shinya and i personally thought it was too nice for us because we didn't have to worry about anything. i mean, that's what most of people want, but for us, it was too predictable. no weird sounds, no smoke, no water/oil gushing, no cold sweat = no adventure ;P but at the same time, it's good for the environment. we liked that part. anyway, it was a great opportunity for us to try a hi-tech new truck and know how it runs. it was also a great chance to reaffirm what we like about vehicles.



 back to the activity hub.


 strolled around the cabin.



in the afternoon, we chose to try out the brand new side by side (4-wheel drive off road vehicle, SxS, UTV) for the first time.


 had a fun time!



back to the activity hub.



saw other group having fun riding motoX bike on the beach.



people were getting ready for the mini moto race on the beach. some are motoX racers but many athletes said they had never ridden a motorbike before. but it didn't matter. with their extraordinary physical abilities and their competitive spirit, nothing is impossible. in fact, a few laps later, they started to compete each other.


the snowboard champ teasing the Toyota executive, putting him on the front and flung off. (they know each other very well.)

プロのスノーボーダーがふざけてトヨタのエグゼクティブの方を前に乗せて振り落としたりしていた。ガクブル (お二人は旧知の仲と知ってほっとした。)

 here comes See See Thor!

See SeeのT(この場で唯一知っている何人かの内のひとり)が登場。

 and Roland Sands!


 the race has begun. there were 4 teams, 4 riders, each goes 2 laps.


 everybody was serious.


winners!! they were very happy but the loser teams were very very disappointed. we endlessly talked about it over dinner :D



there were some ocean activities that we could try and shinya and i wanted to try SUP (stand up paddling) but we got cold feet. it was freezing out there.



supper in the forest.


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