Thursday, April 27, 2017

ended up on the Oregon Coast...

received a last-minute invitation from Toyota USA to the Hotel Tacoma adventure event. so we left LAX as instructed and welcomed by many new Tacomas at PDX (Portland, Oregon).


this red Tacoma will be our ride and a professional driver Kyle will be driving from here. we only knew that we were heading to the Oregon Coast, about 2 hours from Portland.


passing through the famous Tillamook cheese factory and the Tillamook state forest, then we finally arrived to the Coast!


 yup, this is the entrance of the Hotel Tacoma!


 inside the activities hub.



 exploring the beach.


shinya's picking a jellyfish (cnidaria) called Velella Velella, aka the by-the-wind sailor. *its toxins are harmless to humans


i mean, millions of them were invading the coast making the beach so blue :p


 exploring the other side, the forest.


is this the Hotel Tacoma? shinya got so excited because he can sleep anywhere.


 or maybe these hammocks.


Toyota USA is too generous, they provided this luxurious cabin for us...


 shinya spotted a giant horsetail.


supper time. we knew only a few people and all other guests were mainly athletes, olympians, x-game medalists, some journalists, and influencers who have more than a million followers like the wolf dog above 😨 there were some motoX racers but no one cares what we do, like "oh you customize motorcycles? is that what you do? ha!" no further questions asked so we had such a relaxed time just listening people talking ;P i mean, we really enjoyed meeting with those top athletes and people from different occupations. such opportunities do not occur everyday. we felt very fortunate.


we are unused to luxurious life so shinya turned down the cart ride offer and walked back to our cabin in dark :D gotta get some rest for the real adventure tomorrow.


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