Wednesday, April 19, 2017

shinya's on/off switch is broken now...

took our friend K-san and his son from Japan to the canyon.


 looking for something?


since K-san's son didn't have moto license yet they had to ride double and shinya wanted to let them ride the SR500, one of the most reliable motorbikes of all we have. however, very unusually, it acted up and they had to take the Aermacchi 350 Sprint instead. two tall guys on 350? it sounds rough, right? but they had fun after all so it was all good.


the lunch ride. right after we came back from the canyon, shinya rechecked the SR and found out that the vacuum hose was off. dah! SR never dies! 


had too much fun, stopped here and there freewheelingly...


 giving a TLC to XSR700.


 the Aermacchi project.


this is a time to brew some ideas...

なかなかスイッチが入らない木村氏。 今はアイディアを温める時、らしい。

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