Tuesday, April 18, 2017

a bit of all right...

the "Pantera Verde" is heading to Austin, Texas for the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show this weekend. 


shinya is on Max Hazan's (Hazan Motorworks) new creation, turbo charged Ducati bevel at Lock's (Eastern Fabrications)shop in downtown LA. Max and Lock are two of the next generation custom motorcycle builders who have been raising the bar. they are going to haul our Z1 along with their masterpieces to Austin. such an honor.

Max Hazan氏(Hazan Motorworks)の新作ターボ・チャージド・ドゥカーティ・ベヴェルに跨る木村氏。Lock Baker氏(Eastern Fabrications)のダウンタウンのショップにて。彼らのような次世代の若者たちがどんどんカスタムの水準を上げている。凄いなあ。しかも、めちゃくちゃ制作活動を楽しんでいるところがナイス。今回パンテーラ・ヴェルデを自分たちのモーターサイクルと一緒にオースティンまで運んでくれるという。人格もナイスな人達。ありがとう!

came back to Azusa from downtown LA, finished our errands, and went for a sunset ride.


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