Monday, April 17, 2017

the ripple effect...

new front fender

we received some parcels around noon, one from our friend, one for our friend and one big long package. 

"that's mine, that's mine!" shinya said.

it was a used front fender off of Suzuki T350 that he wanted to put on his Superhawk. the one he had was original but optional parts which looked pretty square and he didn't like it.


 "gotta test it!"


the Aermacchi project. it had temp handlebars and now shinya's ready to make one.


 the package form Japan was from Tom of Junk-Motor.


sandcast master Tom makes various crazy stuff. there was a memo from him saying "i don't know what they are. tell me what they are!" :D he always send shinya some of his new creations and shinya gets pretty excited about how to utilize them. very inspiring.


 they could be a muffler...


the "Pantera Verde" is getting ready for the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin.


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