Sunday, June 25, 2017

Born Free 9 2017...

although we've never brought shinya's "work" to born free, it's becoming our annual event to ride our personal motorbikes out here, enjoy meeting new and old friends and their creations. however, we usually come out on Saturday early morning, stay for a couple of hours and ride back. yes, we (especially shinya) are not big fans of crowded place and self-claimed as "lightly antisocial" :D

but not this year. since our friend Cheetah brought his great masterpiece the "Comet", we just wanted to support and spend time with him and his friends so we stayed the whole two days at the venue :) even it was super crowded, we actually had so much fun in a mellow atmosphere. below are random photos that i took. there are so many great detailed photos and reports about the show on internet so forget about mine and check them out ;p


今年は大好きなCheetah Custom CyclesのOサワ氏が日本から参加するというので、張り切って2日間丸々会場にいた。暑いし木村氏が同じ場所にそんなに長時間居られるかな?という不安もあったけど、反してとても貴重な体験が出来て友人達との楽しい夏の思い出となった。以下は筆者が適当に撮った写真なので・・・他の方が撮ったもっと素敵な写真や詳細がネット上にたくさん出ているので、ぜひそちらをお楽しみください。

 Cheetah at his booth :P


Go's new Indian creation for his client. Go and shinya with no face. what a picture...


 the land speed racer by Alp Racing and Design 





 Cheetah on the stage :D



捕獲されるチーター やったね

おめでとー!絶対泣いてるな 😿

awarded a prize was great especially when it was a builders' choice. however, when people look hard at your creation like the pictures above and below and when you get praised directly from them, it have much greater effect than an award. for Cheetah, who got both, it was real pleasure for which there is almost no substitute. way to go Cheetah!


Kat, Kiyo, Gen and the single knuck! lovely and talented people.

Kiyo's GarageのKットさん、Kヨ氏、Gen Love ear artのGン氏。このシングル・ナッコー最高!

congrats and thanks for the good time, Cheetah!


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