Thursday, June 1, 2017

hello June...

okay, the spark plug in Niimie's MX360 is no longer sparking. it will take some time to get some parts and fix the problem. instead he decided to repair his XT500 that he bought in non-running condition long time ago just because he wants to go back to the desert one more time before he heads back to Japan :P

昨日エルミラージで火が飛ばなくなってしまったN美氏のMX360。 パーツを探したりで修理に時間が掛かりそう。ということで、ずっと前に入手した不動のXT500を直したほうが早いんじゃないかと。で、なぜそんなに焦っているのかと言うと、N美氏が日本に帰る前にもう一回砂漠で乗りたいから。


shinya continues to work on the Aermacchi project, giving a major cosmetic surgery to the tail section.



 it's running now!



 lights up to see how it looks.


still in progress but now he likes it better. 


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