Saturday, July 8, 2017

34 days until SpeedWeek 2017...

our fellow racer Sam-san and his friend T-san stopped by to check Wata out. after Sam-san decided to participate in land speed racing and spent a year building his Mazda Miyata, the race was rained out two years in a row (2014, 2015). bummer, right? finally last year he was able to race on the salt flats but it was a long bumpy road check check 

友人でランド・スピード・レース仲間のSムOカモト氏がお友達のTイチ氏と一緒にWタナベ氏の様子を見に来てくれた。ボンネビルでマツダのミヤータ(ユーノス・ロードスター)で最高速にチャレンジすると決めてから1年間、コツコツと準備を進めていざっソルト・フラッツへ!と思ったら雨でレースがキャンセルに。さらに翌年も塩のコンディションが悪くてキャンセル。ということでかなりやる気も↴↴↴ それでもやっぱり諦めきれず、昨年ついにレースデビューを飾った。その波乱万丈な様子の一部は コチラ コチラ

Sam-san is trying Wata's brand new racing jacket on and saying "oh, this is perfect for me!" :D preparing a race car for the land speed or any race is a big deal especially for privateer like them. it will be great if they can help each other and make it to the salt flats!



yes, we've been having this heatwave since yesterday. today is even warmer, 105 F° outside. shinya says he can't work during a heat wave. and took out "not running" little Honda SL100 that he recently acquired.


 "i'm melting here..."


it's now running, and to me, he looked like he worked really hard during a heat wave thought he said it was his hobby time ;p


i don't know why he took out his spare SL frame at this moment... 


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