Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tumbleweed Racers, we don't give up on something we love...

okay, Wata blew transmission. but he already found one in Salt Lake City, the nearest big city about 2 hours away from salt flats. (thank you KB for the local info and thanks to smart phone!!) their plan was to haul the 240Z to Salt Lake City, get the tranny, install it there and come back to race tomorrow.


have a safe drive and good luck, guys!!


Wata and Bucho left. KB and his team left.  shinya, Spike and Sepia taking a nap 😆💤


now, gotta find out what was wrong with Spike. without our teammates, out pit looked empty and we felt so lonely. forgot already that it used to be like this for last 10 years... 

さて、調子が悪かったスパイクを直しますか。お隣さんがいないとさみしーーー 昨年まではずっとこうだったことを忘れてしょぼーんとなる。


Wata and Bucho replacing the tranny at AutoZone parking lot somewhere in or near Slat Lake City.... fingers crossed 🏁 photo:Wata


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