Thursday, January 4, 2018

new year's party in the dirt...

came back to the dry lake...


this time with Kiyo and Kat of Kiyo's Garage ♥

今回はKiyo's GarageのKヨ氏とKットさんと新年会オン・ザ・レイク、という名目で。

we rode ourselves into the ground 😸 and that's why i couldn't take much photos... anyway, we had such a great time with great peeps in the dirt.

へとへとになるまで乗って遊んだ。ほとんどそれぞれが勝手に乗り回していたんだけど、(それで写真がぜんぜんない)なぜか楽しい黒猫ライダース😸 新たなる目標に向かって今年も楽しむぞ!

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