Friday, January 5, 2018

our LOVE for Yamaha SR...

the Moto Guzzi project. shinya said he could barely think about anything because the red frame was too flashy. so he took it to D's for sandblasting and now it looks like this. 



the brand new Yamaha SR400. 2018 will be the final model and the history of the SR is ending at least for now. so, shinya decided to work on two of them, one for a light custom and the other for an extreme custom to appreciate and celebrate its 40th anniversary in his own way.  


as far as for shinya (and for me, and for many others too), SR is one of the holistically perfect motorbikes of all time. that's why we keep and ride our 1979 SR500 as the way it is. however, shinya wants to challenge how extreme he can go without destroying its excellence and wants to build a new SR400 exclusively for a person who agreed and supports this idea. the other one is for shinya, with all his respect to the original design, he's going to add a little bit of his essence and build the ultimate SR for himself.

木村氏にとって(もちろん筆者にとっても)SRというのは総合的に自分史上もっともパーフェクトなオートバイのうちのひとつである。だから我々はずっとノーマルのままで79年式のSR500を乗り続けているわけで・・・ そこで1台は、「そんな完璧なオートバイをその素晴らしさを壊さずにどこまで出来るか」という挑戦として賛同してくださったオーナーのためにバリバリカスタムに。もう1台は木村氏が自分が乗る究極のSRとしてオリジナルに敬意を込めつつもちょっぴり自分らしさを出してライトカスタムに、という計画。

 make it naked.



two young college students from Okinawa swung by. they said they go to University of Ryukyu where shinya graduated long long ago. three of them start talking Okinawa local stuff and found out that they had mutual friends etc. but gradually their conversation getting out of gear because whatever shinya told them, like places he used go, they didn't know or it were no longer there.  so one of the young guys asked shinya what year was he there. "it was around early 80s..." shinya replied. and young guys paused for a moment and said "oh, we were born in 1995..." oki-doki 😆


anyway, they are young but they are gearheads. they are enjoying customizing cars themselves and they ride motorbikes. so shinya didn't feel much generation gap when they were talking about cars and bikes. that's very rare, precious and a great news. our future is bright.



putting an old fuel tank on a new SR400 just for reference.


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