Friday, February 2, 2018

the rearrangement fever...

shinya has been organizing just #7 and the mezzanine of the #12 has been left abandoned. we've just putting bulky stuff randomly here and now we could barely see the floor. shinya, a master of keeping things tidy and in order, and Wata (Taka) who's not so great at organizing things are start to take care of it.


first, we dismantled the huge desk that shinya and Wata made at the very beginning. 


and remade it to a shelf.


using walls to hang bulky fence to hook some small stuff.


we realized that we needed more shelves to organize the mezzanine so decided to get them tomorrow and left the mezzanine. we all went back to our own work except...shinya.



then, after a couple hours later, shinya called us to the mezzanine and showed us the plenty of the floor space that we haven't seen for quite a while.



and shinya went back to work without worrying about anything.


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