Monday, July 19, 2010

so good to see you and your better half...

P and his beautiful wife L(not in this picture)
from boston came to visit our workshop.


P is the illustrator and cartoonist of 
the book bikers are animals
he draws very unique animals and 
they all ride motorcycle :)

thank you, P & L!


Paul Jamiol said...

S and A :)

Thank you much for your hospitality, you made us feel at home. L and I both really enjoyed spending time with you was fun!


menacing ayu said...

Paul Jamiol: thank you Paul and Linda for coming and for the doughnuts!! yeah, it was fun! hope to see you two again soon :)

Paul Jamiol said...

Ayu, You should have said "Thanks for the lobster!" Then everyone would bring lobster when they stopped by...LOL! We will definitely do again.

menacing ayu said...

Paul Jamiol: oh, shucks!