Friday, February 11, 2011

daydreaming and night business...

 "i'll take this bike to the desert 
when niimie comes here at the end of 
this month and do this all day long!"
Oooh how exciting!


got a little bit calm at night
and started to stare at the mv agusta.
he always does that when he wants
to do something...all right,
he's thinking about something.
Oooh how exciting!


Fumi said...

Flat Trackerは何のバイクですか??

menacing ayu said...

Fumiさん: はじめまして、コメントありがとうございます!そうです、Triumphです。東海岸ですか?今年は相当に寒そうですね。西にいらっしゃることがあれば、是非遊びに来てください。暖かいですよー

shellie said...

the question is does menacing ayu ever get on a bike and fly?

Fumi said...

西海岸Flat Trackできるところも多いですか???

Jo said...

Hello Ayu,
You say on your blog-profile, you create nothing...but didn't you make all those beautifull pictures?

menacing ayu said...

shellie: i do get on a bike but can't float in the air!

Jo: oh, thank you!!

Fumiさん: Perris Racewayというのがあります。あと、競馬場でレースしていたり。ドライレークでただ遊ぶのも楽しいですよ。いつか遊びに来てくださいね!

Jo said...

You're really welcome, Ayu.
Shinya's bikes can be seen on the chabotengineering website and when you google. But this blog is so much more. That's why I posted this "boo" under this very picture. Trough your pictures and you're blog it is as if I (the spectator) am sitting there instead of Shinya. I like custombuild bikes and I really love shinya's work, but i like to ponder around Shinya's shop even more. The tools and all the litle things, the atmosphere. I try to figure out how he put things together. And all seems so calm and warm and cosey(yet I know metalshaping and bikes are not hihi). It inspires me!
But after going trough all those pictures over and over again, I've come to realize it wasn't Shinya who made the blog or the pictures, it was someone who followed him step by step. And I've come to the conclusion that this person must be really close to Shinya, and really love him and really appreciate and admire what Shinya is doing!? And that's you! And i wanted to thank you for that! Not only for the blog and the pictures, but for the loving image that you create in my mind.
Thank you Menacing Ayu! m(._.)m
Please say hi to Shinya from me!
You're humble blog follower
Jo (^_^)

menacing ayu said...

Jo: wow!! how nice of you!! i'm just sharing joy with you guys...thank you so much! shinya said hi to you :)