Tuesday, June 14, 2011

inherit more than a motorcycle...

our neighbor C stopped by. his '69 camaro ss396 was used to be a race car. C also has many other rare/special vehicles including 1912 pierce that he inherited from his uncle. it became one of only 5 in the world that still runs. we saw it at the local swap meet last year and i posted a picture on our blog. we didn't know him at that time but someone gave shinya a newspaper clipping about C and his pierce so shinya has been keeping it on his wall without knowing it was C. C said he heard about us from other cannonballers so he came to visit our workshop one day. we've been friends since then.


in the article he said "any day i get up is a good day. i don't care about money. if i got 35 cents in my pocket and a full tank of gas, i have plenty of money."


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