Sunday, July 1, 2012

canyon ride addiction...

G and C from utah stopped by after the born free, too. this is G's first built yamaha based custom motorcycle. pretty cool.

ユタ州からborn freeに来ていた若人GとCもチャボに寄ってくれた。これはGが初めて作ったヤマハベースのカスタム・バイクだそうです。何週間か前に連絡をくれて、ボンフリ後もし時間があればブログによく出てくる山に乗りに行きませんかとお誘いを受けていたのですが・・・

one of their bikes broke down after the show so C took shinya's sporty and went for a ride.


this was about a half way to the crystal cafe at the top but it was super crowded on the way here, slow cars looking for parking spots, nose to tail parked cars around the river, people walking and crossing the road, many cops etc. oh, this is the weekend before the july 4th. never seen this many people in this canyon... no smooth ride at all, bummer! (well, i know that we're being too spoiled by the normally unpeopled canyon :P)


we didn't see anybody here, though.


we made it to the top anyway :)


and came back. ok, G and C had to head back to utah now. have a safe trip back home, guys!



no smooth ride, no life. we gotta vent up this pent-up feelings!!


so we went to the canyon again, of course, took an alternative route, entered from the other side of the canyon. round two, here we go! and literally there were no people, cars nor motorcycles in sight. what a difference! somehow we've been avoiding this route because we thought it was narrower and the road conditions weren't great. however, it wasn't really a problem at all. we enjoyed the different views, too.


this road will eventually hit our usual route, which was super crowded, so we decided to turn around and went back. had a very pleasing smooth ride.



came back to the workshop and shinya changed my handlebar for the better ride. if you change something on your motorcycle, you have to test ride it, right?


ok, we took the route B again to the cafe. not the crystal cafe but the other cafe on this side of the canyon. my new handlebar was great so we decided to go all the way until we hit our regular canyon route.


 felt fantastic!!

 we were greatly pleased :)



Busch Brothers said...

haha! you guys never need an excuse to ride :-)

Greg said...

That was a very fun ride! Thanks for having us :)

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: i know :D but somehow we always make all kinds of excuses...

Greg: sorry, we should've take you guys for a ride via route B. come again!