Monday, August 13, 2012

corned knuckle...

when we got to our pit in the morning, gumby was there. probably bean bandits' gumby was blown by the gusty wind during the night.


shinya wanted to change the sprocket but without any air tools because our air compressor didn't work properly.


"that's no problem!" shinya said and started working with a chisel and a hummer. well, given this situation you gotta make do what you have on hand.(DO NOT ATTEMPT)


he has done this before on the salt flats a couple years ago, it only took 20 minutes to change the sprocket this way.


 go go shinya!


the third day, first run. early turnout.

"it was my careless mistake and i'm so embarrassed!" shinya said. some wires were touching. oops.


 bonneville at bonneville

the result was 109mph. shinya felt really good part of the way but lost some speed a bit before the timing point. well 109 was his personal best until yesterday so it's alright :)



Busch Brothers said...

thank you so much for posting all the updates- I have been following all of them but you are posting so fast I cannot keep up hahaha! Lots of great pictures

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: sorry i feel pressed to catch up before we leave for cannonball next week :)

Travis Perich said...

Where's Nimi when you need him!

menacing ayu said...

Travis Perich: we were looking for him all over!