Tuesday, August 7, 2012

hurrah for shinya...

shinaya changed the module this time. mallory.


because he changed the module he had to redo wiring. shinya said he's been doing this for a long time and is more used to wiring those old motorcycles, so it wasn't a problem. yup, it looks much simpler than modern motorcycles.


yay! i say this every time and i will say it again. it sounds better than ever!


so finally we're ready. the only concern we have now is...the new chevy van. i mean it runs great and has no problem at this moment, it's just lacking the experience or not proven yet. we'll see. wish us luck!



Icarus said...

Good luck out there! Ride safe and swift!

Busch Brothers said...

great luck- and we will see you there! Sending good vibes for a safe trip.

menacing ayu said...

lcarus: thank you!!

Busch Brothers: thank you! see you soon!

Hairy Larry said...

The bike sounds great. Back when I was working on old Harley's with old points systems there always seemed to be a lot of popping and backfiring going on.Of course most of the exhaust systems were pretty rusted out and full of holes too. Your bike sounds good. Safe trip, and have fun!

Duncan Warth said...

Best of Luck in Bonneville. Sounds Faster and the rear tire is amazing.