Saturday, August 11, 2012

second half of the first day...

when we got back to our pit, Kiyo just arrived. 14 hours of ride from LA on his knuckle. so cool.

1本目を終えてピットに戻ると、ちょうどKヨナガ氏がLAから到着。14時間のライド オン ナックル。かっちょいい! 

shinya changing jet while being watched by friends.


 G from salt lake city!


ok, back in the starting line for the second run.


result, 103mph. the rev counter stopped working properly but shinya said he felt really good with the new pistons.


back to the pit and fixing the rev counter using things he has got on hand for tomorrow.


they come to see us at the pit every year but this year they had hard time finding us because they always look for our ford van. "you guys changed the van? no more ford? now chevy, ha! where is your dog?" ah...they are both passed away, sir. it's great to see those guys once a year on the salt flats.


G left for campsite. nice datsun!


Kiyo left for campsite, too. thank you for your help!


shinya still wanted to stay at the pit to prepare for tomorrow. he now knows that it gets better when he keep the lid open on the air intake box with his knee so he removed the knee adjuster and made the hole a bit bigger.



r50us68 said...

It was good to talk again after getting caught in the rain at the gas station in 2011. And surprised to see myself pictures standing watching Shinya and friend filling up the bike with gas.
Hope the Cannonball goes well for all, and I believe what Shinya said about BMW being unfair because of their reliability.

menacing ayu said...

r50us68: it was great to meet you two years in the row! we'll do our best with the indian! hope to see you again next year!