Saturday, August 11, 2012

the race has started...

sun rises. no more rain. happy happy happy.


breakfast salty ramen noodle on the salt flats :)


heading to the starting line for the drivers meeting on XL100.


S.D.R.C. club members naturally gather in one spot and it makes us feel comfy.


it's the vincent, the rollie free's vincent, the guy broke record on the salt flats in 1949 with unique riding position in bathing suits. it didn't race but ran on the course after this. we missed it because we had to go back to our pit.

あの、1949年にボンネビルで海パンいっちょで横たわって乗ってレコードを破ったrollie freeのvincent(本物)。今回は残念ながらレースには参加しないけど、この後コースを走ったそうです。ピットに戻っちゃって走るところは見られず。

the last night's rain made the surface slushy. the course 1 is closed today. but other coursed are open and we are all ready to go.


the very first run. the speed was 101mph but shinya said he felt really good. the spike got new pistons so better take it easy for a while.



@hedrives (brad barber) said...

It was an honor talking with you again and meeting your lovely girlfriend, N. That's me in the cowboy hat at the driver's meeting. My new build cb750 didn't get over 99mph, but there's always next year.

Hairy Larry said...

Great "on the road " shots, and "on the flats"...I've only ever seen the Salt Flats while passing through the state several times in the past. Have always wanted to go and experience the racing since hearing stories of the place from a guy I worked with in the seventies, who went every year to run two cars he and his brother built. Maybe next year. Heard a "rumour" about your final top speed, but I'll keep it to myself, and wait for official confirmation from this blogspace.

movementpractice said...

Yeah, you guys did it.

I was anxious for some news.

Glad everything looks good and sound!

junkmotor said...

Whatt'a sweet pics ! I can smell salts in there .
I love also 1986 cope pics damn beauty Ayu !

menacing ayu said...

@hedrives(brad barber): see you next year!

Hairy Larry: you, too, see you next year on the salt flats!! yup, that was just a "rumor".

movementpractice: thank you :)

junkmotor: thank you, tomtom!!