Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the last stretch...

 "which riding position do you think it'll go faster?" he asked. i really didn't know but said the second one because it seemed like the first one looks lower but his face may resist the airflow. he agreed.


 two tiger faces for dual-engine triumph :)


he wanted to put the sprocket back in the bigger size and give it a try one more time :)


i didn't know if shinya was using the content of this out-of-date ignition seal but he was. the spray can sure looks awesome but i'm not sure about the inside.


oh my! shinya found the crack on the sprocket nut. he said it just needed a quick welding but we usually don't bring welding machine because shinya decided if we need to use welding machine we go home.


everybody told us that if you need welding job on the salt, go to him. so we did. he did super beautiful job in a second.


he was this team's exlusive welder but had been helping many many racers on the salt flats. he said "we're all racers, right? so we help each other, right?" we couldn't thank him enough but we just go out there and do our best.




 the very last run for this year on the salt flats.


after all, we couldn't beat 114mph but i think shinya did his best for this year. we'll do better next year :P goodbye, bonneville! see you next year!


stopped by our friend's house in vegas at middle of the night to pick up my XT500 frame and they made dinner for us. the van had no problem so far. we headed south a bit more.

ラス・ヴェガスまで一気に来て、夜中に友達の家に預かってもらっていたXT500のフレームをピックアップして夕飯をご馳走になって、少しゆっくりできた。 ありがとう!もう少しだけ南へ進みます。


Andy said...

Shinya move ur footstep waaay back near the rear wheel.. superman's riding style help you break the wind

menacing ayu said...

Andy: yeah but it has jockey shift...

GuitarSlinger said...

Bonneville Definitions ;

1) If you make a full pass/round trip without breaking , spinning or crashing - Its a WIN

2) If you exceed your best previous time - It's a RECORD ( a personal record for certain ... but a record never the less)

3) If you break the Official Record for your class - Thats the ICING on the Cake

So once again ... Congratulations ! You wonderful ' Salt Ghosts ' you !

Bastybikes said...

Congratulations for all the efforts you Guys did ! And for racing on the salt !

Keep on the good spirit and wonderfull work !

greetings From

tooffyck said...

A photo I did of you !
And I can see myself in one of your photo, the same moment.