Tuesday, September 18, 2012

oh, idaho...

 shinya and the indian came back on the trailer...:<


can't see well in this picture but it's brutal. we could see the flywheel busing through the cracked crankcase...whatever it is, i always believe that shinya and niimie can fix it...but this time...just feel sorry for our indian. she's pushing herself to her limit.



baowah said...

by the way: http://totalbike.hu/magazin/2012/09/22/szamitogep_nem_ez_a_jo_irany/
an article about you in Hungary

Busch Brothers said...

oh no! :-( They can fix it, hopefully quickly!

butamin said...

Never give up!メタルアーチストでありながら、メカニックの真髄も毎日ドキドキしながら見せてもらっています。日本人の魂を感じざる得ません。あと少し。頑張れ!としか言いようが無い。