Thursday, September 13, 2012

stage 7, getting the #80 indian back together....

we got in murdo, south dakota around 4am, took 3 hours of sleep and headed to sturgis, finishing line of stage 7. luckily, tomorrow is rest day so we've got today and tomorrow to make the #80 indian running. we found ourselves in hope!


we got what we needed without buying new parts. the only concern was the kicker, shinya and niimie have to wait for someone to pass by to push and that'll be a bit stressful for them on the road. this morning, shinya got up with an idea about the kicker and niimie liked it, so they'll try that. what we need now is for them to get the indian back together :)


 man, i love watching them work togeher!


Sunny Okamoto of Dehen japan and Wesco japan came all the way from japan to cheer us up and treated us to the pleasant dinner to restore our energy. he's the one who provided the wesco boots for shinya and niimie and the Dehen team sweater for all of us. he could stay here only today and tomorrow but he came anyway. he's a generous man with a big heart.

なんとここでcyclemanのSunny Oカモト氏がTナカRンタロウ氏と登場。#80を応援しに駆けつけてくれました。Sunnyと彼のチームが今回キャノンボールのためにWescoのブーツとDehenの#80チーム・セーターを提供してくださったのです。アメリカの真ん中サウスダコタ州での再会は何とも不思議で気持がホッとした上に、久し振りにちゃんとした美味しい夕食をごちそうになり、心身共に元気になったチーム#80。SunnyそしてRンタロウ氏、温かく見守ってくださり本当にありがとうございました。よーし、インディアン走らせるぞ!

it becomes really cold at night in the parking lot in sturgis but look what they've done so far! we're getting there!



Mac Guy said...

You guys are amazing! Your perseverance is to be admired. Keep at it!!!

ichiban said...


GO! #80

Anonymous said...

You guys made it on Stage 8,right? Right?
Go Chabott!!

Alfred said...

Very very impressive!
Never give up!

movementpractice said...

so lovely to see.

take care and good luck!!

I am checking this blog several times a day to see how it is going..