Sunday, September 23, 2012

the end of the incredible journey...

much to my unease, shinya and the indian made it through the golden gate bridge to the grand finish!!! bravo! miracles can happen! so happy to see shinya and niimie's lovely smile!


 the fierce(for us and for our 1915 indian) cannonball is now ended.


the winner was the defending champion, our favorite #1 Brad Wilmarth and his 1913 excelsior! he's a very calm and humble guy. we learned a lot from him. 

well, we learned so many things from so many people. met many great cannonballers and encountered many super great people. it was tough for our indian but we have no regret. it was fun, after all. 

are we gonna do it again? hell ya! are we gonna do it with the 1915 indian? of course! 

thank you all so much for following our incident-filled journey and putting nice comments and sending warm emails. it invigorated our spirits and helped us a lot.

 champ Brad Wilmarth and bad hair day shinya



今回も我々の珍道中を応援してくださった皆様、ありがとうございました。温かいコメントやメールをいただき、元気づけられました。Dehen japan と Wesco japan そしてSunny Okamoto氏、ボロボロな結果でしたが、身体と足はしっかり守られお陰さまで最後まで何とか走り切りました。ありがとうございました!


#2 Eric Dunk gave shinya and niimie this indian wrench that he had it for 30 years. he rode 1915 harley-davidson last time and 1929 JD this time. it meant a lot and made shinya and niimie proud.

最後に♯2のEric Dunkがお前達がよく頑張っていたのを見ていたから、これはお前達が持っているべきだ、と言って30年間持っていたというこのインディアンのレンチを木村氏とN美氏にくれた。粋です。彼は最初のキャノンボールで1915年のハーレー、今回は1929年のJDで参加。ハーレー・ガイなのになんでインディアンのレンチ持っていたんだろ?それにしても、これは木村氏とN美氏にとってとても深い意味のあるトロフィーとなりました。嬉しいな。


movementpractice said...

also for the documentation of everything that happened.
cool story, could be a nice book or movie..?
hope everybody gets home save and sound.

JBMFT said...

Congrats, excellently done.
Edge of the seat stuff right there!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very happy y'all didn't give up and call it a day. Like JBMFT said, I was on the edge of my for a couple of days throughout. That's for the updates! Can't wait til next year....

Cheers and beers

MAD SLANTS said...


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hermann huefner said...

congratulation from me and hopefully there is a next year! thanks for the great photos and reportage

kazuu said...

キムラさん,ニイミさん,アユミさん お疲れ様でした。

Tom said...

Hey, congratulations! I've been following along the whole way. With the mechanical problems that you ran into, I think most people would have thrown in the towel pretty early on. But you pushed through and made it. That was heroic, guys! :)

nikoo said...

great to hear all your stories...congratulations.....real samurais you fought till the end!

Hairy Larry said...

OK, you've had your get back to work you guys. Just kidding, what a hard working team you three are, and persevering through to the end. A pretty amazing road trip all in all. Here's hoping the Cannonball makes a return,and you guys and the Indian do it again.

Michael Schmidt said...

congratulations! Amazing adventure...
Thanks for keeping us updated.

menacing ayu said...



matt machine said...

that was some adventure...again.

Busch Brothers said...

great job guys!

menacing ayu said...

matt machine: yes, it was. twice in a life time.

menacing ayu said...

Bush Brothers: thank you!