Tuesday, September 11, 2012

we don't fear the worst case scenario...

 now the engine is down...it shows how tough this cannonball is for our indian. 


ok, it's alwyas nice to have a kicker gear but we can push start it if we don't have it, no problem. primary chain is not a big deal either. now, what they found was that the flywheel bushing were worn out due to the over heat caused by the oil pump failuar, shinya  predicts. and the valve dorm was broken in three pieces due to the high temp.so i started to look for those parts and shinya and niimie will plan things out to not waste any minutes. we got to fix it by shortest way possible to get back in the race!



Travis Perich said...

How about wedging a honda 250 dirtbike engine in there?
Or even a Cub engine!
Temporary of course!
Just kidding.
(Don't tell niimie or shinya or they might consider it!)

Thanks for keeping us posted!


Now&Zen said...

Sisu . Thats what you guys have , in the fullest Finnish definition of the word

Sisu - The ability strength and willingness to do whatever it takes to get thru a situation in spite of all the obstacles placed before you