Friday, October 5, 2012

the goofy car guy is back...

at LAX. we were hiding from him but W found us. he has quick wits.

as soon as we got back to our workshop, W started to work on my duster. putting a sway bar on it. it sounds like he's generous and merciful,right? but the truth is he was going to use my duster again and wanted to drive comfortably, that's all.


after all, he's very skillful and fast at work. shinya and i respect that. but as you see in this picture, he's still a goofy guy, putting his dirty oily hands on my duster...


thank you for your finger prints, W!

went to the world's best fish taco place and shinya found a fruit from the cotton tree in the parking lot.

hope it's not like a most stinky fruit in the world or something...


W likes to check out the world's cheapest tool store. came out with some souvenirs and a huge smile.


from exhaustion or jet lag, W fell a sleep in front of our workshop.



Alfred said...

It isn't a fruit from the "bodysnathers" film (fifties/sixties?), is it?

menacing ayu said...

Alfred: i don't know, maybe?