Friday, January 11, 2013

the very first adventure of the year...

the duster was parked over night at the parking garage at mandalay bay hotel. and nope. it didn't even start in the morning...


shinya worked on the duster in a brisk pace because he wanted to move over to bally's hotel where his new friend CB125 was waiting for him.


shinya thought he just needed to adjust the carb but...not so fast! he found out that the entire carb was loosened. also a parts looked like a main jet was fallen off. so he had to tighten it up and get the jet back in the right place.


it took a bit of time but he did it. the duster started but wasn't in a perfect condition yet. we decided to move on to the bally's, pick up the little CB and then work on the duster there.


we somehow made it to the bally's and picked the CB up :)


 somebody won this one...


shinya prancing off with his new friend :)


so, this is the loading bay and people can park their trucks down there and load bikes in. however, we parked our duster at the regular hotel parking structure, because it was the easiest way to park especially for a malfunctioning car, and shinya didn't want to move the duster at this moment so we decided to go around the hotel building and push the CB to the parking structure where duster was.


finally got to the parking structure. we were almost out of breath but we had to go two more floors up from here.


thank you, elevator! thank you compact CB125!
again, shinya worked in a brisk pace to take the CB apart.


 really? it fits in there?


it looks easy but it took a lot of time and effort for both of us to get to this point. ah.


 it did fit back there so it's all good ;)

 tirelessly, shinya started to work on the duster again.


shinya made a change, drove to the upper level to test, the duster stopped, made a change, went up, the duster stopped, made a change, went up, the duster stopped...i thought we could never going to leave from this parking structure.


well, we managed to leave the bally's parking structure after a while. now, we had to head to south point hotel to see the indoor flat track race. it was less than 10 minutes away from the bally's but it took forever for us.


we already had the tickets for the race but decided to head back to azusa before it got too late. shinya continued to work on the duster and it got a bit better than earlier and it was probably better to drive on the freeway than jammed las vegas boulevard. so saying, we both had feelings that we were not likely to make it to azusa tonight...



Busch Brothers said...

haha! it didn't look easy to load the Cb in the back seat, even without all the parts on it! Great story, made me laugh

Travis Perich said...

If Shinya can't fix it with a pipe wrench, small hammer and some pliers,
than something is really wrong!
Hope you guys made it home with the package.
Looks like a trying time!

Hairy Larry said...

And I see he has a tool box made up for the trunk of the Duster too. Necessity the mother of...well done.
I managed to put a CB 500 in the back seat area of a VW Bug once. Had to remove the seat of the bug, and front end, and rear wheel of the bike...then pile everything on top of the bike. No wonder they invented pick up trucks and vans!

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: thanks! :)

TP: i know! a pipe wrench did everything from taking a motorcycle apart to fixing an old car :D

Hairy Larry: oh man! you did put a bigger bike in the smaller car! you are too good!