Monday, March 4, 2013

the life of W's phase 2 = more space for shinya and niime...

they unloaded anything and everything from the van yesterday then put them all back. and today, they were unloading everything again. what are they doing?


what!? this is unit 12 on the same complex as ours. we are at unit 7.


yes, mopar W's next chapter in his life starts from here! he's going to build a race car and challenge the land speed race, his long-held dream :) he had been saying he needed a space to build the race car for past 7 years, he had been looking for a space for past 7 years and he finally decided to become our neighbor. well, he has his shop and family in japan so he has to be go back and forth, though. but this is a big step forward for him and we want to support his dream in any way we can.


so this is W pushing his toolbox to his new workshop with big grin.


niimie is also supportive. he's moving his stuff he got at swap meets and antique malls to number 12 :) i'm pretty sure that niimie will race his WL soon :) this is the "land speed chain reaction".


moving stuff from one...


 to the next. just like ants :)


got one step closer to his long-cherished dream. it's a joyful moment.


this is niimie's neat rack that he took out from a dead van at the salvage yard.


 forever teenagers :D


shinya gave W his english wheel that he only used once in past 6 years.


 it's starting to look like a speedshop.


highly ambitious W and shinya getting hung up on thinking how many motorcycles he can fill in this space.



Busch Brothers said...

that is great! Now you guys have more room, and can fill W's space with parts from the thrift store! Maybe park the Duster inside :-) That is a cool area you are in, if we weren't rooted in Reno we would love to be shop neighbors LOL

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: hahaha then you will not like us anymore:D just kidding. seriously, it would be perfect and fun if you guys were shop neighbors :)

Tristan said...

Thats awesome!Congratulations!
A new space seems so exciting - I can wait to see it fill up with goodies.

menacing ayu said...

Tristan: thank you!!!

Mac Guy said...

Fantastic!!! I wish you guys all the best. Looking forward to seeing the very cool things that come about as a result. Congrats !!

menacing ayu said...

thank you, Mac Guy!!

Joe said...

W should start blogging his story in this 7th building.. You guys are very inspiring