Sunday, August 11, 2013

speedweek day 2...

 great morning.


this year the owner of the spike finally made it out to the salt flats for the first time in 5 years. the last time he blew the engine...

the spike has changed a lot and became faster in 5 years since. plus the owner is traumatized by the engine blow up experience, he was a bit daunted and couldn't hit 100mph but didn't blow up the engine this time so he can try again :)


 now shinya's turn!! and was 119.2mph...


 shinya tries again.


the owner brought his 84 years old father to the salt flats this time. his father was car engineer so he was very excited to see all these race machines and was enjoying the sounds. and shinya's second run was 119.7mph again...

今回スパイクのオーナーは84歳のお父様にもボンネビルを見せてあげたいと連れていらっしゃいました。エンジニアだったお父様は様々なレースマシンを見て大変喜ばれ、音が最高だとおっしゃっていました。素敵な親孝行ですね。 さて、木村氏の2走目、再び119.7マイル(192.6km/h)。

it was hot out here on the salt especially for 84-year-old father so the owner took him back to the hotel. we went back to the pit and changed the jet and came back to the starting line for the third run.


here, 3 sons supporting their 74 years old dad to drive their machine. 3 sons rode it yesterday.

 555!!! yay!!

he got 121.05mph so changing jet and try one more time.


the last run for the second day. 120.07mph...


getting ready for the van :D too exhausted to unload it.


!!! man, seems like he's gonna try the ram-air intake tomorrow!


to be continued...



movementpractice said...

goood luuuck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck


Busch Brothers said...

It was great to meet Spike's owner Akira, and to see him make a run on Spike :-) I hope he had a great time on the salt this year!

menacing ayu said...

movementpractice: thank you tank you thank you!!

Busch Brothers: yes, it was so great to see him riding on the Spike on the course and seeing you guys on the salt, our favorite crew members :P