Monday, September 2, 2013

lost and found...

sin5 took the SR500 to went see his friend but he somehow came back by bus...oh, my. we got ready for the worst-case scenario...but it turned out that he just lost the key. really? well, as long as no one was hurt and my SR is in a secure place, i guess it's not a big deal.

before we went to salvage the SR, shinya wanted to make a special tool because sin5 locked the handlebars.


that special tool made by shinya worked perfect and he was able to unlock the handlebars. but this wasn't the end. before we leave the scene, sin5's friend asked his super if someone turned in any keys and the super said yes. it was THE key.



Voice of the Wind said...

*sigh of relief*

It's a good thing no one messed around on your thumper!

Mac Guy said...

Good looking out :-)

menacing ayu said...

Voice of the Wind: hahaha

Mac Guy: :)