Wednesday, March 19, 2014

mighty good...

 the bmw.


 mighty B



 the meter dashboard for the knuckle continues.


to be continued...



matthias said...

...the name "mighty B" fits very well to this bike. In Germany BMW motorcycles are called "Gummikühe" - translation into English a little bit complicated: "rubber cow" maybe describes it somehow!?

Greetings from Germany


matthias said...

Hi Ayu,

one short additional explanation about the "rubber cow" meaning - maybe you can tell Shinya: BMW motorcycles with air cooled boxer engines are called "Gummikühe" because of Ernst 'Klacks' Leverkus, a german motorcycle journalist. To him was attributed that he once noticed during a testdrive on a new BMW clearly the raise of the rear wheel suspension during the start and acceleration because of the cardan shaft drive and he compared this effect with domestic cattle - cows usually stand up with the rear end first!

Shinya for sure knows about this acceleration effect of the BMW cardan shaft drive, maybe for him the name "Gummikuh" from Ernst Leverkus is new!? Please just let him know... Thank you!

Greetings from Germany