Thursday, June 11, 2015

hello Wheels & Waves exhibition artride II...

at night. opening of the exhibition ArtRide II at the gallery in Biarritz.


and for readers here it would probably known as the "project menudo", shinya's latest creation of a concept bike for Yamaha Europe was finally appeared in the scene. under Yamaha's new concept "Faster Sons" this one is the first "Faster Son". by the way, menudo is a traditional Mexican soup or a boy band existed in the 70s-80s, nothing to do with this concept bike :D

ここで散々メヌード、メヌードと呼び、モザイク処理していたのがこちら。欧州ヤマハに声を掛けていただきコンセプト・バイクとして仕上げた一台。5月の終わりにアズサからヨーロッパに送り久々の再会。ヤマハの新しい「Faster Sons」というコンセプトを受けてその一号目の「Faster Son」として、Wheels & Wavesでお見せするという計画だったので、仮にメヌードと呼んでいたものの、メヌードが板につき過ぎてついメヌードと呼んでしまう。(メヌードはメキシコ料理のスープの名前、もしくは70年代から80年代に存在したプエルトリコ人のボーイズバンド名、まったく関係なし)

the owner of mightyB and his lovely girl were here from Amsterdam.


so happy to reunite with them :)


El Solitario David


mr. Vintagent Paul d'Orleans


Nevin of deus ex machina LA and his lovely daughter surrounded by Mr.Seino of deus ex machina Tokyo and Mr.Oda.


reunited with the guys from Argentina who came and visited us in Azusa a couple years ago.


BMW concept path 22

R nineT by cherry's company 

R nineT by Go Takamine of Brat Style

Rivival Cycles

out side the gallery



matt machine said...

looks like you guys had a tops time...lots of rain by the sounds of it....but must have been warm weather i suppose.

Ayu, ill send you messages on insta.....i arrive wed afternoon....

can't wait to see you guys..


menacing ayu said...

matt machine: we soaked up a lot of water but it wasn't cold at all. see you soon!!