Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jaca → Anglet → Biarritz...

yesterday we rode over 250 miles (400km) from Barcelona to Jaca. although the last half of the ride was in the heavy rain, we had an unforgettable experience. surprisingly no pain, no fatigue maybe because with new bikes there were no breakdowns on the way and no repair needed afterwards unlike the cannonball :) looked like we were going to have more rain today but gotta head to Biarritz.


miraculously the sun came out and could see this spectacular view at Fotz de Arbaiun (Arbaiun gorge).


after this, we were overtaken in a heavy rain again though we enjoyed our ride very much. i personally surprised that no one complained about anything, and our group kept decent speed in the rain. if this was in SoCal, people would make all sort of complaints and some wouldn't even ride in the rain, i guess.


190 miles(300km)later, we got to our base in Anglet near Biarritz. anyway, the new SR400 that i borrowed ran pretty well. all other people in the group had 1300cc bikes plus winding road in the rain, i could still enjoy and keep up with other guys without any angst. i ♥ SR :)


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