Wednesday, June 10, 2015

on the way to Biarritz...

at Yamaha Barcelona. we are going to ride to Biarritz,France from here along with a bunch of guys from England and Barcelona. Yamaha Europe lend me a new SR400 and a new XJR1300 for shinya. thank you Shun-san and everybody at Yamaha Barcelona!


me on the SR400. photo by shinya.


shinya on a XJR1300.


let's go!


in Tremp. about 180km (288 miles) from Barcelona. we were actually chasing a rainstorm but didn't see any rain clouds up until this point.


after 100km (160 miles) or so from here, we caught up with the rainstorm so i couldn't take any photos. got soaked through in the super heavy rain but still had a wonderful ride.



GeoKan said...

I am soo jealous. I would love to be there riding with you, testing the new XJR, and see all the customs at 'Wheels & Waves' :(
Have a great time at Biarritz, and enjoy the sea & sun, cheers!!!

Hairy Larry said...

Nice Birthday gift...Happy Birthday (again...) Ayu!

matthias said...

Hi Ayu, hi Shinya,

good news you both visit Biarritz... my question: how long will you stay in Europe? If you ride to Germany, just let me know - I will show you my SR500 and my Puch moped MS50V ;-)

Enjoy your trip, enjoy every mile...