Monday, October 26, 2015

riding through the Grroppu canyon...

the brand new XSR700's are ready to roll! "i will be stoked if they are all designed or made by me!" shinya said. (thankful that many mechanics and test riders got here days earlier to prepare for this)


the project leader Mr. Yamamoto is riding with people in group 1. he said he had a couple of chances to test ride the XSR700 before today but he was so excited to see actual people riding them in person.


shinya and i were in group 2. i was too short for this bike so shinya took off the seat, put some magazines in our laptop case and tie it with a bungee cord. it was pretty much a hard-core but usual chabott way to solve the problem but after hearing very deep behind-the-scene stories from all these engineers and designers of this XSR700 project, it was very brave of shinya to do this for protecting me from tripping over in front of these journalists. and, to protect the brand new bike, of course.


found the designer of the XSR700, Mr. Tamura of GK design europe in a diffrent group having fun at the break point. i guess it was his first time to test ride the completed XSR700.


the sprint race at the lunch spot.


when we hard the word "race" we won't sit back, right?


R of The Bike Shed

go lady go!


the weather was not so perfect and Mediterranean Sea was in dark green but still it was beautiful.


i've never seen this many exact same bikes at one time.


the cork oak. bark from these used to make wine cork.


the sprint race winner of the day got the trophy that shinya made and brought from Azusa :)




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