Thursday, October 29, 2015

sorgenti su gologone...

decided to go back to Su Gologone Springs and bottle some water.


 it had a different color today.


totally understand why people build sacred buildings nearby fresh water from spring.


ran into Mr. Yamamoto bicycling his 1935/36 BSA and he let shinya try it. it's a ladies' model so it has a very elegant silhouette when a rider rides it.


 and we went back to Su Gologone Springs.


they could talk about this beautiful old bicycle forever.



shinya has been a great admirer of "Souvenirs Entomologiques" by Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre especially the tumblebug (dung beetle) part when he was a kid. finding two wild tumblebugs in person made him soooooo excited! (later we came back here to check on them if they were really burying dung but they weren't...)


 Mr.Yamamoto wanted to shinya to try downhill and change gear to feel it and hear the sound of it.




GeoKan said...

Sometimes the 'special' factor has to do with the wheels, sometimes it has to do with the place, and some other times with the people and especially the way we communicate with them. When all these factors combine together in perfect harmony, the moments are magical. These moments leave an unfading mark in our life; they are precious, a real treasure that nobody can steal from us.

jam'zgarage said...

うん、もう既に欲しくなってます。 カチャカチャしてみたいです。 ヒゲの貴婦人になる日もそう遠くはないと思います。

menacing ayu said...

GeoKan: well said! thank you!

jam'zgarage: でしょでしょ。自転車全体がN美くんっぽいなあってずっと思ってました!