Sunday, August 14, 2016

a leisurely sunday on the salt...

on the way to the pit. great morning scenery from our van.


 oh, the primary belt...

shinya tried. but bottom line was that we needed a new primary belt to keep on going. our friend Kiyo and Kat are coming to race their CB1620 on the salt tomorrow, so we asked them if they got any belts.


and they did! so, along with their land speed racer "Gekko" they are bringing a new belt for us tomorrow! how lucky!! thank you Kiyo and Kat! (we were still a little worried at this point because we thought they were taking their El Camino. 650 miles, motorcycle loaded El Camino? hmmmm...)


 with peace of mind, shinya started to get "Sepia" ready for tomorrow.


encountered our fellow Cannonballer DW!! he came to see his friends racing on the salt and spotted our van :) are you ready for the Cannonball? no, not yet, are you? no, not yet. ;P


Sepia is ready for tech inspection and first time running on the salt tomorrow.


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