Tuesday, August 16, 2016

go Sepia go...

it's another great morning at the pit. our mission today is to put our teammate K and Sepia through a successful rookie run. shinya really wants K to experience and feel the awesomeness flying on the salt flats on an old bike that he says it's indescribable. that's something the only experiencer can feel. as a crew, i experience something different. when i see the rider take off successfully, hear the speed from CB radio, and reunite with him on the return road, that's where i feel euphoria :)


and Spike is ready, too :P


in the rookie course starting line.


Ralph Hudson, Ted Silver, Stacie B. London and the turbocharged GXSR1000. the team Ironwood Racing! record holder in APS/BG 1000 class. this time they marked 230.7 mph.


Ironwood Racing crew SBL and shinya.


awesome to have our new crew R (K's son). he's very smart, sharp and a fast learner, learn everything by watching. he's an athlete so he physically very tough and super tall and good looking young fellow ;p


Johnny, going for another record in different class. go Johnny go!


 you can't start without your support crews. great teamwork.


ok, it's our turn. return to the rookie run. go for it K!


and he did! it was a successful rookie run. what a great smile and he's not rookie anymore! yay!


we were all so happy :)


going for second pass, shooting for a triple digit!


a panhead racer.


ok, let's go!


99.95 mph!  very close to a triple digit but good for a first time and for a stock (almost) 70-year-old motor. this is where the fun begins. next time, he'll go faster :) way to go, K! "it's not so easy to work on two bikes at the same time but it worth doing it", shinya said :) 


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