Monday, September 5, 2016

#80 road trip to Atlantic City, day 2...

 when we see Love's gas station, we feel like we came pretty far. (we don't have them around southern California)

Love'sと言う南カリフォルニアでは見かけないガソリンスタンドが出てくるといつも、あー遠くまで来たなあと感じる。 名前も色合いもカワイイ。

i thought i heard something faintly but strange noise under the driver side floor so we got off the freeway somewhere in New Mexico. i guess i was too cautious.


goodbye New Mexico!


  hello Texas!


somewhere in Texas. shinya and i were sitting in the van and freaked out that we thought a stranger appeared from nowhere and was trying to clean our windshield. turned out it was Niimie. he looked very different at that moment :D


 blame everything on those roadside "ANTIQUE MALL next exit" signs. we stayed spent too much time in Amarillo while our mission today was to make it to Oklahoma. gotta get going.


hello Oklahoma! drove only 524 miles today.


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matthias said...

Wish you a geat journey and lots of new impressions in America - take care and have fun... Did send you an email about a SR500 cafe racer in Germany, styling like Lossa Engineering Solus. Greetings from Germany, Matthias