Sunday, September 11, 2016

nightly repair day 2...

 the race of the century is tough. everybody's working on their machines for tomorrow.


 our motor is out...


found a broken pin, a broken crank bearing, and a broken cast iron original piston. all the breakages were result of the extreme heat and fatigue from the stage 1.


 it was sticky hot during the day but now it's freezing.


at 5 am, the motor is back in place. shinya and Niimie replaced everything that were broken, did truing, valve lapping and valve guide repair at the parking lot and ready for the stage 3 in a couple of hours. thank god we had spares. and these two are awesome!

朝の5時、壊れたパーツをすべて取り換え、トゥルーリング、ヴァルヴのすり合わせ、変形したヴァルヴ・ガイドの修正を凍える駐車場で終えました。そして、数時間後にはステージ3が待っています。とにかくこの二人の集中力と絶対に諦めない姿にしびれます。 1時間ほど仮眠して出発です。


matthias said...

Awesome... really. Working all night long an rebuilding the engine until morning - and again back on the road the next day. Unbelievable... Well done Team #80!

Since today I am proud owner of a SR500 cafe racer, Replica of Lossa Engineering Solus.

Never not riding


Mark W said...

Such impressive work. Well done.