Sunday, September 11, 2016

stage 2, York, Pennsylvania - Morgantown, West Virginia (228 miles) ...

 stage 2, shinya's turn.


off to West Virginia. Go shinya go!


our good friend, fellow cannonballer is going to ride the 1916 Excelsior today.


 some are working hard on their machines just to start off for the daily finish line...


 some find a problem or two right before the start and working hard to fix it. it is tougher than we think to cross country with antique motorcycles but we have so much fun :p


 Niimie and i moved forward to the finish point of the day by our van and were waiting for shinya to arrive. forever. and then i saw R coming in.


 he rode with Bill. 


 where is shinya and our Indian? noooooooooooooooo not on a sweep truck, please!!


according to shinya, the motor locked at 100-mile point. it ran very smooth until then but he felt like losing power a bit so he was going really slow just in case. he tried everything he could to go on but no luck...


shinya and Niimie worked so hard to make all the way cross country with the Indian. i know more than anybody else how disappointed they were. but hey, this is a race. anything could happen and you never know what will happen. we just need to figure it out, fix and be back on the road tomorrow. 



matthias said...

So sorry, hope you can go on tomorrow...

Pirate Tom said...

AH! Sorry to hear that he got swept up. At least Morganton is a nice area!