Tuesday, April 4, 2017

one at a time...

finishing up the left side cover for the Aermacchi project.


our friend A-san aka Mr. Honda gave a quick visit on the way back to his work. he's also a CB77 owner. next time he will bring his and compare with shinya's. 



 J and his kunck ♥


and D's Triumph ♥ oh, and he changed the handlebars!


back to work. "now i've got to make the right side..." said shinya in breathy voice. if he knew what he was going to make, he could make the both sides symmetrically at once but because he doesn't draw and he doesn't know what he's going to make in advance, (and often times he doesn't like the symmetric appearances) he always makes one side first and when he likes it he decides and starts to make the other side. i still don't know how he makes it flowing as a whole eventually.


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