Thursday, September 8, 2016

team 80 road trip to Atlantic City day 5...

got up an hour early than last 4 days and left a shabby motel in Zenesville, OH. when we decided and parked to grab some coffee at mcD i saw this beautiful sky and went back to the van to get my camera. and.....locked ourselves out.... left not only my keys but also my wallet and cell phone in the van. thanks to a couple of very kind and generous local people, we managed to open the rear door without calling AAA or locksmith. we just lost about an hour and half.... i felt really bad but hey, that's me :D



 okay, we are back on the road!


 West Virginia.




 hello New Jersey!


 Atlantic City here we come!


 setting #80 pit at the corner of a parking lot.


our 1915 Indian is finally landed in the starting city.


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matthias said...

Wish you a good start and reliability to reach California - the Indian will make it... All the best for Team #80! Take care, M.